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Water Heating Systems

Has a drink of tap water ever made you cringe? Has a shower ever made you scream in shock? Answer yes to either of these questions, and there's no doubt that you know of a reason to care for your home's water systems.

And we, the elite team of Plumber San Diego, can help you do just that. Our collective skill and familiarity with residential plumbing systems enable us to properly inspect, repair, replace, and maintain your water filtration and water heating systems, as well as teach you more about them so you, too, can keep them in good condition.

Filtering Your Drinking Water System

Water supply lines allow water to travel from the main into your home, where it is distributed to your fixtures and appliances. This water is already cold enough to serve multiple purposes: washing, flushing (toilet water), and of course, drinking.

For this water to be suitable to drink, though, your water supply line must be outfitted with appliances such as American Plumber water filters and water softeners. These devices will keep contaminants and sediments from permeating your drinking water. Adding filters under your sinks will make your water even safer to drink.

You can have us install these devices without inconveniencing you or troubling you with too much expense. Our expertise guarantees safe and swift installation.
Maintaining Your Water Heating System|-h2|

Your gas or electric heater or boiler will also receive some water from the main, and heat it to suit the needs of your household.

Your heater should be capable of holding anywhere from 40 to 60 gallons of water in its inner steel tank, where the water's temperature will be raised to the number you set on the thermostat. The heated water exits the tank through one or more of your heater's pipes, and is then carried to your fixtures and appliances. You can remove mineral deposits from your heater's tank by using the drain valve located at its base.

Maintain your heater by keeping its temperature within 49 to 60 degrees Celsius (120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and draining sediments on a consistent basis. Even if you adhere to these safety measures, however, there's still a chance that your heater will suffer from leaks, noise, and an accumulation of sediments in its water tank.

Should these or similar problems plague your heater or boiler, contact us so we can promptly present you with their respective solutions. Upon doing so, we can give you additional tips on heater or boiler care.

Entrust us with the safety and efficiency of your home's water systems. Our services cover water filtration, water heating, water pipe plumbing, water line plumbing, water tank plumbing, and drainage, among many others.