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Toilet Installation & Repair

In a regular household, toilets are used with both frequency and urgency. This explains why many households aren't satisfied with just one, and why toilet troubles should never be put on the waiting list. A single call to Plumber San Diego is all you need to deal with toilet related problems of all kinds. Our plumbing services include toilet installation, toilet repair, and toilet maintenance, and we provide toilet information, tutorials, and supplies.

Explaining How a Toilet Works

To spot toilet problems as early as possible, you have to know how your toilet works. We can teach you about the parts and mechanics of your toilet, so you can contact us at the earliest sign of trouble.

Pushing down your toilet's handle will pull a chain inside the toilet tank, which will lift the flush valve and uncover the tank's drain hole. Around two gallons of water will then flow through the hole and into the bowl, setting off the bowl's siphon. The siphon will then suck the water and accompanying waste into the drainpipe.

Inside the tank, the filler float will drop when the water subsides. This will cause the refill valve to fill up the tank and bowl. The float will then rise with the water level of the tank, and signal the refill valve to stop. In case water continues to flow through the refill valve, the tank's overflow tube will prevent flooding.

If your toilet doesn't work as it should, contact us immediately. With us on the job, you can expect fast and effective solutions to your toilet troubles. It doesn't matter if you're dealing with leaking toilets, clogged toilets, overflowing toilets, or the like, as our services cover toilet problems of all kinds.

Toilet Installation, Repair, and Supplies

Want to replace a washed-up toilet? Allow us to be of assistance. We can tell you how to install a toilet, or handle the replacement and installation project for you. Regardless of which direction you take, you won't be let down. Here are a few of our toilet replacement/installation tips:

We'll gladly provide you with additional, more detailed instructions when you contact us. And if you decide to save yourself the trouble of a DIY project, you can always have us take over. Hiring us will save you a lot of time, and with our affordable rates, it may save you some cash as well.

Feel free to ask for our help when you need to make toilet bowl or toilet tank repairs, or have to obtain toilet repair parts or other toilet supplies. As long as your issues involve toilets or plumbing, dialing Plumber San Diego is your best solution. Contact us.