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The pipes and fittings found within your home comprise your residential plumbing system. It's thanks to your pipes that fresh water is able to enter your home and spread within it, and that wastewater is able to exit your home and travel a safe distance away. And it's due to your piping fittings that your pipes are able to link, turn, branch out, and change size to conform to your building's structure.

Both piping and fittings are vulnerable to problems that can adversely affect your plumbing system, but as long as you can ask for Plumber San Diego's assistance, you have nothing to fear from these threats. Thinking of repairing, replacing, or installing domestic pipe lines? We can do all that and more. You can even ask us for plumbing information and guidance, so you can better cope with minor problems on your own.

Information on Pipes and Fittings

Water supply lines usually have diameters of 3 mm, 2 cm, or 2.5 cm, and are made of either copper or plastic. Copper can absorb more damage and fend off mineral accumulation, but plastic doesn't rust, cost too much, or give you too much trouble during installation. Pipes that have 4 to 10 cm diameters and are made of either iron or plastic (the common choice) are typically used in sewer lines.

Brass and plastic pipe fittings are attached to these pipes, but neither can be attached to just any of them. It's important to note that a fitting's material must be a good match for its respective pipe's material, otherwise poor sealing and/or bad chemical reactions may be an issue.

We at Plumber San Diego will be glad to give you additional information on pipes and fittings. Just contact us.

Pipe and Fitting Related Problems

Though each of them can take their toll on your plumbing system, some pipe and fitting related problems are more common than others.

A leaking pipe, which can affect water flow and pressure throughout your home, is one of them. Whether you need to have the pipe repaired or replaced, a dependable plumber in San Diego will surely be able to resolve the situation. A member of our team can arrive shortly after you call us for help, and have the problem fixed before you know it. To stop the leak while you wait, wrap the damaged area with waterproof tape.

Pipe sweating, the accumulation of moisture on the surface of your pipes, is also a fairly common problem, and one which we can fix without breaking a sweat. Since the moisture forms because of the difference in temperature inside (cold) and outside (warm) your pipes, insulation can be an effective solution. You can wrap the affected pipes and fittings with tape, or ask us to fully insulate them.

Pipe insulation is also bound to protect you against pipe bursts, which happen when pipe water freezes and expands. There are other preventive measures you can take, such as making good use of heat tape and cables, but these are not as effective as state-of-the-art pipe insulation which professionals like us provide.

How To Plumbing Tips

Contact us to learn more about our plumbing services or to receive additional plumbing information. The “How To” plumbing tips we have to offer include details on how to find the best pipes and plumbing fittings online.