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Water Meter

The water meter is a fantastic tool to make you a water wise user. Find out in what manner to inspect the water meter and supervise water usage in the home.

The water meter is located in front of the home in a lidded box alongside a curb-stop and a consumer-valve. Community water providers control the curb-stop while homeowners kick on or switch off water supply to their home with the consumer-valve. On the face of the water meter you will find a sweep handle, meter-register and a leak detector. The meter-register is comprised of white and black numbers registering water passing through. The leak detector is a triangle or star molded mechanism that rotates to imply water usage.

Your water meter is a fantastic tool to avail of for leak detection. Unusually high meter readings indicate water depletion. Granted that you frequently check the main meter, you may detect concealed leaks swiftly and save a lot of water that if not simply go down the drain. High utility charges, ongoing noise of running water when water is turned off, warm patches on floors or broken walls represent water leaks in or around your residence.

Confirm or eliminate the chances of water depletion with the meter assessment. Record the numbers displayed on your meter-register. Refine from using water overnight. This involves not running washing machines or dishwashers, not flushing toilets, not showering or switching on faucets. The following morning read again your water meter. Higher digits on the meter register indicate water seepage in or around your home.

Take immediate action in an event of water leak. Contact a Plumber San Diego to mend the dripping source or change a faulty plumbing unit before serious water related ruin occurs in your residence.