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Garbage Disposals

The practical function of garbage disposals have earned them a place in many households. However, not too many residents of these households have the plumbing and electrical skills to install or repair these appliances. That's what we at Plumber San Diego are here for. Our plumbing services include expert garbage disposal installation, repair, and maintenance.

Garbage Disposal Plumbing

Garbage disposals, which are normally placed under kitchen sinks, are named such because their role is to properly dispose of food waste. When this waste enters your sink drain, your disposal breaks them down into small particles with the shredder in its grinding chamber. Once the waste has been ground, your disposal's impeller arm and plate push its particles down the drainpipe.

Understanding how your garbage disposal works is the first step to identifying its problems. If you notice any problems with your disposal, contact us and we'll fix them immediately.

Fixing Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal repair is something you can do, if you're willing to take on the risk and challenge, and if you have the tools, skills, and preparation the job demands. Regardless, it's best to limit your DIY plumbing work to minor repair jobs, and leave the bigger projects to us. We can masterfully repair your disposal with little cost and in little time. If you'd still rather complete these repairs yourself, make sure your disposal is off before you begin.

Cleaning Garbage Disposals, Clearing Drains

Cleaning your garbage disposal and kitchen sink drain on a consistent basis can prevent bacteria accumulation, offensive odors, and persistent clogs caused by the build up of food waste. Regular cleaning can also ensure the proper functioning of your disposal.

Begin by fishing out items lodged in your disposal with tongs or pliers. Next, clean the drain by washing down food particles that managed to cling to its walls. Do so by plugging the sink, filling it with 2-4 inches of water, unplugging it, and switching the disposal on.

In case you already have a clogged drain, you can try to clear it by removing its trap and clearing the obstruction, or shoving an auger or plumber's snake down the drainpipe. But remember, you don't have to go through all this trouble if you don't want to. Simply call us to clean your disposal and to clear your drain. You can have us maintain your disposal and avoid future problems for a fair fee.

San Diego Plumbing Services/Guidance

Finish each maintenance session by putting citrus peels into your disposal, letting cold water run down your sink drain, and turning on your disposal to freshen things up. More tips will be available to you when you call.

Please contact us to inquire about garbage disposal repair, maintenance, and installation, or to avail of our plumbing services. Plumber San Diego is proud to be your choice plumbing guide and plumbing service provider.