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Common Sewer Problems

Running along water supply pipes inside constructed dwellings are larger pipes that make up the drainage, waste, and vent - or DWV network. Drainage-waste-venting pipes slant down to assist the flushing of effluent, used toilet tissue and waste from the residence with the power of gravity. Waste matter is removed from the residence by the drainage-waste-venting pipes thru a sanitary sewer line that attaches to a central sewage treatment facility. Central sewer pipelines are unprotected to a selection of plumbing issues such as:

Tree root intrusion

Roots love water, and hence have an inclination to cultivate in the direction of waterlogged origins like subsurface sewer pipelines. Broadening tree roots crack and obstruct sewer pipelines with hirsute roots trapping waste substance carried inside. Overtime aggregation of roots and waste plug sewer pipes and thwart sewage from drifting towards the central sewage treatment facility. For that reason waste water will reverse directions and backflow into constructed dwellings.

Sewer backflows

Inappropriate disposal of hygiene products, wet towels, diapers and more in wcs result in intractable blockages in main sewer lines. Rather than drifting in 1 direction from residence to sanitary sewer and main, at the point of obstruction wastewater will switch direction and counterflow into houses. Sewer backflows are unpleasant and pollute houses with waste substance.

Sewer gas odors

Drain traps hold liquid trap seals that prevent offensive gas stenches from entering houses. Sewage gases enter homes thru drains devoid of water seals. Drying up of water seals generally takes place in drains not in regular use. Pouring a gallon of water into a drain will restore the plug of water seal and correct the inconvenience of indoors sewer stenches.