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Sewer Line Plumbing

Pipes of the DWV (drain, waste, vent) system allow wastewater to exit your home. These drain and waste lines slant down to make waste flow freely into the main sewer line. The sewer line slants down in much the same way, so that the waste it carries can flow down to a sewage facility or a septic tank.

The main sewer line is no different from other pipelines in that it is also susceptible to leaks, clogs, and vile odors. Such is why it must also be relentlessly maintained. Plumber San Diego's sewer line maintenance services – which include sewer repair and sanitary sewer line cleaning – can easily fill this requirement. In addition, we can also use PVC lining to fortify your sewer line and keep leak problems at bay.

If root intrusion has clogged your sewer pipe, a pressurized garden hose may prove capable of clearing it. If not, contact us. Our advanced sewer drain cleaning tools and sophisticated sewer cleaning equipment can rid you of unyielding clogs.

Do not, under any circumstances, resort to using chemical solutions (ex. copper sulfate) without our consent. There's no denying that these solutions can clear clogs quite effectively (and stunt the growth of intruding roots), but it's also difficult to argue the fact that these solutions are dangerous and are fully capable of damaging your sewer plumbing.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about sewer lines or to avail of our extensive plumbing services.