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Drains and Sewer

Two subsystems comprise your home plumbing system: the first takes fresh water inside, and the second leads wastewater outside. The second is the DWV system, which stands for drain, waste, and vent, its three key parts. As part of Plumber San Diego's team, we hold ourselves responsible for educating you on this system, and fixing its every problem.

Components of Your Drainage System

The DWV system's three parts makes proper waste disposal possible when they all work seamlessly together. Drain lines draw water from your fixtures, waste lines carry toilet waste, and vent pipes that reach up to the roof let wastewater flow freely, thanks to sewer gas evaporation and drainpipe pressure relief. Drain and waste lines slant downward from your fixtures, and to the main sewer line where your waste is delivered.

Any questions or concerns about your drainage system can be resolved via a simple phone call. Contact us and we'll even teach you how to uncover drainage problems, so you can have us fix them as soon as possible.

Trap Repair and Maintenance

The curved parts of your fixtures' drainpipes are called traps. These collect water and use it as a liquid seal that prevents unsavory smells and noxious sewer gases from coming into your home. Needless to say, leaking or broken traps won't be able to carry out their roles. Trust us to repair and maintain your traps.

How to Clear Clogged Drains

Drainpipes, which are usually comprised of iron, plastic, or copper, are made with wide diameters in hopes of preventing clogs. Toilet drains (10 cm diameters), shower drains (5 cm), bathtub drains, bathroom sink drains, and kitchen sink drains (all 4 to 5 cm) have wider diameters than water pipes.

But even with the extra space, clogs are still a dime a dozen. Clogged drains can be cleared by accessing them through their clean-out valves and removing any obstructions. Tools like sewer tapes, plumber's snakes, plungers, and augers can prove to be invaluable in clearing clogs, as can the drain cleaning tips and services we have to offer.

You'll likely require our help in dealing with obstinate clogs, like those caused by tree or bush root intrusion. These clogs, in particular, can be so severe that their ensuing damages and complications may call for pipe replacement (regular pipes for PVC pipes).

Regardless of the difficulty of your situation, however, we will certainly be able to help you out. We have the skill, experience, and drain cleaning equipment to clear clogs of any kind, and of any degree. Our standout drain services also include drainpipe maintenance, to save you from future problems.

We're the ones to go to for superb drainage and plumbing services, as well as useful plumbing tips. Contact us at Plumber San Diego.